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Neil Young
Peace Trail

Neil Young - Peace Trail

Neil Young’s brand new album, Peace Trail features all new songs that Young wrote since the release of his album Earth, this past June. This new album is primarily acoustic and reflects an intimate, sparse approach to each of the ten songs within. Most recently Young previewed five songs from the album during his performances during the Desert Trip Festival, in Indio, CA., which both Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly summed up as simply "explosive."

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"Peace Trail"


  1. 1. Peace Trail
  2. 2. Can't Stop Workin'
  3. 3. Indian Givers
  4. 4. Show Me
  5. 5. Texas Rangers
  6. 6. Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders
  7. 7. John Oaks
  8. 8. My Pledge
  9. 9. Glass Accident
  10. 10. My New Robot

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