New Releases For April 21, 2015

Natasha Borzilova
Wilder Days

Natasha Borzilova - Wilder Days

Since the 2006 disbanding of Bering Strait - the group of genre-defying Russian wunderkinds that brought her from Russia to America, spawning critical acclaim, a Grammy nomination, a 60 Minutes profile, and a documentary film - Natasha Borzilova has remained busy creating music of her own and now offers up her fourth solo album.

“She has evolved into a communicator of subtle strength and confessional intimacy. Her production skills are nothing to sneeze at, either.” - Robert K. Oermann/Music Row

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"Pictured It"


  1. 1. You Don’t Need
  2. 2. Wilder Days
  3. 3. White Noise
  4. 4. Life Simplified
  5. 5. Oysters
  6. 6. Pictured It
  7. 7. Only The Best
  8. 8. Sparks
  9. 9. Love Is All That Matters
  10. 10. Postcard Blue
  11. 11. Never Going Home

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