New Releases For June 24, 2016

My Jerusalem
A Little Death

My Jerusalem - A Little Death

My Jerusalem is an indie rock band from Austin, Texas founded by singer and lead guitar player Jeff Klein. With his heart-felt song writing, soulful and passionate vocal delivery, backed by an alternative, indie rock sound, this album will appeal to multiple generations of fans whose taste spans a wide range of rock genres.

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"Rabbit Rabbit"


  1. 1. Young Leather
  2. 2. Rabbit Rabbit
  3. 3. It’s Torture!
  4. 4. No One Gonna Give You Love
  5. 5. Done And Dusted
  6. 6. Flashes
  7. 7. Dominoes
  8. 8. Eyes Like A Diamond Mine
  9. 9. Candy Lions
  10. 10. Jive For Protections
  11. 11. Young And Worthless
  12. 12. Chrysalis

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