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My Goodness
Shiver + Shake

My Goodness - Shiver + Shake

My Goodness is a blues/garage rock band that consists of Joel Schneider (guitar and vocals) and Andy Lum (drums). Their second album, Shiver + Shake, was produced and recorded by esteemed Seattle producer Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Blind Melon).

Straddling the line between raw and refined, they don't sacrifice technical precision in the name of punk rock: they strive to marry both.

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"Cold Feet Killer"


  1. 1. Shiver + Shake
  2. 2. Sweet Tooth
  3. 3. Back Again
  4. 4. Pay No Mind
  5. 5. Hangin' On
  6. 6. Check Your Bones
  7. 7. Cold Feet Killer
  8. 8. Letter To The Sun
  9. 9. Say You're Gone
  10. 10. C'mon Doll
  11. 11. Lost In The Soul
  12. 12. Hot Sweat

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