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My Darling Clementine
The Reconciliation?

My Darling Clementine - The Reconciliation?

Following on their critically acclaimed debut, How Do You Plead?, UK country-duo My Darling Clementine return with twelve more heartbreaking duets. Featuring guest appearances by Kinky Friedman, the Brodsky Quartet and Richard Hawley's band, The Reconciliation? fuses contemporary themes with a country soul vibe that is both infectious and utterly compelling.

In a four-star review, the Guardian hails the material as 'finely written studies...Original and inventive,' while Uncut awarded the album 8 out of 10. Stateside, CMT Edge premiered 'The Gospel According to George' in between the band's official showcases at SXSW and the Americana Music Association Conference & Festival.

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"No Heart In This Heartache"


  1. 1. Unhappily Ever After (Featuring Kinky Friedman)
  2. 2. No Heart In This Heartache
  3. 3. I Can't Live With You (When You Can't Live With Yourself)
  4. 4. Our Race Is Run
  5. 5. Leave The Good Book On The Shelf
  6. 6. No Matter What Tammy Said (I Won't Stand By Him)
  7. 7. I No Longer Take Pride
  8. 8. King Of The Carnival
  9. 9. The Gospel According To George
  10. 10. Ashes, Flowers And Dust
  11. 11. Let's Be Unhappy
  12. 12. Miracle Mabel

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 21
    Stafford, UK My Darling Clementine at The Royal Oak, Eccleshall
  • Dec 18
    Stoke On Trent, UK My Darling Clementine at St Lawrence's Church Biddulph
  • Dec 22
    Birmingham, UK My Darling Clementine at The Kitchen Garden Cafe
  • Feb 29
    Retford, UK My Darling Clementine at St Saviour's Community Centre
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