New Releases For July 20, 2010

Mountain Man
Made The Harbor

Mountain Man - Made The Harbor

Made the Harbor is an album to swim home to, and to sail away with. It grazes the horizon with its sails.

Molly Erin Sarle, Alexandra Sauser-Monnig and Amelia Randall Meath met at Bennington College, in the small town of Bennington, Vermont. They are from the West, Middle West and Eastern United States. Mountain Man are in thrall to the misty legends and otherworldly timbre of American folk. Their debut album, patchworked together out of intimate vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar and enigmatic lyrical threads, is a fully-formed statement of artistic intent.

TAGS: Folk | Indie Rock

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"Animal Tracks"


  1. 1. Buffalo
  2. 2. Animal Tracks
  3. 3. White Heron
  4. 4. Mouthwings
  5. 5. Dog Song
  6. 6. Soft Skin
  7. 7. How'm I Doin
  8. 8. Arabella
  9. 9. Sewee Sewee
  10. 10. Loon Song
  11. 11. Honey Bee
  12. 12. Babylon
  13. 13. River
  14. 14. Bathtub