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Render Another Ugly Method

Mothers - Render Another Ugly Method

Mothers attempt to exist in two places at once - both singular and collaborative, sprawling and concise, present and distant. Kristine Leschper, songwriter and founding member of the project, explains that it is in the space between opposites that she finds herself. The multifaceted is, by nature, fragmented - each facet reflecting a slightly different perspective of the whole. On their latest record, Render Another Ugly Method, the band attempts to gain an expanded view of its surroundings through splintered sound, thought, and image.

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  1. 1. Beauty Routine
  2. 2. Pink
  3. 3. “It Is A Pleasure To Be Here”
  4. 4. Blame Kit
  5. 5. Baptist Trauma
  6. 6. Western Medicine
  7. 7. Circle Once
  8. 8. Mutual Agreement
  9. 9. Mother And Wife
  10. 10. Wealth Center / Risk Capital
  11. 11. Fat Chance

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 11
    Paris, France Mothers at Supersonic
  • Feb 12
    Luzern, Switzerland Mothers at Café Parterre
  • Feb 13
    Lausanne, Switzerland Mothers at Le Romandie Rock Club
  • Feb 14
    Cologne, Germany Mothers at MTC
  • Feb 15
    Hamburg, Germany Mothers at Molotow
  • Feb 16
    Berlin, Germany Mothers at Badehaus Szimpla
  • Feb 18
    Rotterdam, Netherlands Mothers at Rotown
  • Feb 19
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Mothers at Sugarfactory
  • Feb 20
    Brussels, Belgium Mothers at Witloof Bar
  • Feb 21
    Brighton, UK Mothers at The Hope & Ruin
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