New Releases For June 19, 2012

Morning Parade
Morning Parade

Morning Parade - Morning Parade

Morning Parade sidestepped the hype trap which many a new band has fallen into by rushing out a quick debut album, and instead took their time to write the album they wanted to make while building a solid and loyal international fan base.

The result is a breathtaking statement of intent, demonstrating a depth of lyric and songwriting which has become increasingly rare amongst contemporary artists. It's a purposeful, heartfelt and honest collection of songs featuring their debut single, 'Headlights.'

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  1. 1. Blue Winter
  2. 2. Headlights
  3. 3. Carousel
  4. 4. Running Down The Aisle
  5. 5. Us & Ourselves
  6. 6. Under The Stars
  7. 7. Close To Your Heart
  8. 8. Half Litre Bottle
  9. 9. Monday Morning
  10. 10. Speechless
  11. 11. Born Alone