New Releases For October 13, 2017

Morgan Saint
17 Hero

Morgan Saint - 17 Hero

Saint's foray into music really kicked off thanks to wanting to expand on a poetry project, proving her adept at multiple mediums of expression.” – TIME

The five songs of 17 Hero track a process of self-discovery, in which Morgan Saint herself has become the sort of artist she says she gravitated toward when she was growing up. “During my dark times in high school, I always turned to music,” she said. “I never feel like it's important to speak unless I have something important to say. And I want, at this point, to share my stories with the world.”

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  1. 1. You
  2. 2. Just Friends
  3. 3. Glass House
  4. 4. For God’s Sake
  5. 5. New Regime