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Morello vs Masaru Mitsu
The Duellists

Morello vs Masaru Mitsu - The Duellists

Cultures collide and musical sparks fly in this unique collaboration between British born, L.A-based songwriter/producer Malcolm “Sir Mal” Cross' (drummer for Pete Yorn, the Olms, Minibar and Spiritualized) solo endeavor, on which he teamed up with Japanese multi-instrumentalist Masaru Mitsu (Chocolat, Northern Lights, Cymbals), for his third effort, The Duellists. The project stemmed from a shared interest in obscure guitar bands and 80's synth-pop, which later transformed into a long-distance online friendship that would diminish any cultural boundaries, and resulted in an eclectic, yet tasteful mix of catchy songs about modern life and love.

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"Some Families"


  1. 1. In-A-City
  2. 2. Some Families
  3. 3. European Ride
  4. 4. Delicious & Delightful
  5. 5. I Wanna Be Bad
  6. 6. The Time To Know You Well
  7. 7. Doo Doo Song
  8. 8. Singing My Life
  9. 9. Keys, Wallet, Cellphone