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Moonspell - Extinct

Portuguese pioneers Moonspell first brought the dark flames to their native country – and then set the rest of the world aflame with milestones such as Irreligious and Night Eternal. Indeed eleventh studio album Extinct erects another monument to sundowns and those dark hours and lets Fernando Ribeiro`s sombre vocals collide with modern riffing, blackened melodies and operatic grandeur. Always one step ahead of the rest, always resisting all genre boundaries.

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  1. 1. Breathe (Until We Are No More)
  2. 2. Extinct
  3. 3. Medusalem
  4. 4. Domina
  5. 5. The Last Of Us
  6. 6. Malignia
  7. 7. Funeral Bloom
  8. 8. A Dying Breed
  9. 9. The Future Is Dark
  10. 10. La Baphomette
  11. LP & CD Digi Bonus Tracks:
  12. 11. Until We Are No Less
  13. 12. Doomina
  14. 13. Last Of Them
  15. 14. The Past Is Darker

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 26
    Hengelo, Netherlands Moonspell and Rotting Christ at Metropool
  • Oct 27
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Moonspell at Melkweg OZ
  • Oct 28
    Nancy, France Rotting Christ with Moonspell and Draconian at L'Autre Canal
  • Oct 29
    London, UK Moonspell and Rotting Christ at Islington Assembly Hall
  • Oct 31
    Rennes, France Moonspell and Rotting Christ at Le Liberte - L'etage
  • Nov 01
    Paris, France Moonspell and Rotting Christ at La Machine du Moulin Rouge
  • Nov 02
    Toulouse, France Rotting Christ with Moonspell at Le Metronum
  • Nov 21
    Vienna, Austria Moonspell at Simm City Festsaal Zentrum Simmering
  • Dec 08
    Hannover, Germany Moonspell at Musikzentrum
  • Dec 12
    Pratteln, Switzerland Moonspell at Konzertfabrik Z7
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