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Moon Hooch
Red Sky

Moon Hooch - Red Sky

On Red Sky, the band uses everything they've learned from their whirlwind journey to push their sound to new heights, bringing together the raw, transcendent energy of their live performances and the sleek sophistication of their studio work into a singular, intoxicating brew that blends elements of virtuosic jazz, groovy funk, and pulse-pounding electronic dance music. Though the band is heavily inspired by electronic music, they made a conscious effort to use as little in the way of "studio tricks" as possible on Red Sky, aiming instead to capture the sound of their live show.

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"Sunken Ship"


  1. 1. Red Sky
  2. 2. That’s What They Say
  3. 3. Sunken Ship
  4. 4. Low 5
  5. 5. Psychotubes
  6. 6. On The Sun
  7. 7. Booty House
  8. 8. Shot
  9. 9. Something Else
  10. 10. Rough Sex
  11. 11. The Thought
  12. 12. Alien Invastion
  13. 13. Broken Tooth

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Dec 27
    Cambridge, MA, US Moon Hooch at The Sinclair
  • Dec 28
    Portland, ME, US Moon Hooch at Port City Music Hall
  • Dec 29
    South Burlington, VT, US Moon Hooch at Ballroom, Higher Ground
  • Dec 30
    Northampton, MA, US Moon Hooch at Pearl Street Ballroom
  • Dec 31
    Buffalo, NY, US Moon Hooch at Iron Works
  • Apr 06
    Cenon, France Moon Hooch and Virginia Rodrigues at Le Rocher De Palmer
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