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Molly Hatchet
Greatest Hits II

Molly Hatchet - Greatest Hits II

Southern Rock is now considered an iconic part of American music history. Not only has it resonated in the southern part of the United States, but it has grown to touch the lives of people across the world through its songs and recorded albums, on concert stages, and throughout an international fan correspondence database.

When the first album Molly Hatchet was released in 1978, no one knew that over 30 years later Molly Hatchet would still be recording and performing worldwide to some of the most loyal fans in the music community. As history has now shown, through all the generations of the band... Molly Hatchet is still delivering its own brand of southern heritage, year after year.

This Greatest Hits II collection is Molly Hatchet`s gift to the fans in appreciation of their dedication and support for over 3 decades. The first CD contains the best studio recordings from the last 15 years compiled by Bobby Ingram himself. The second CD is filled with the best live recordings of Molly Hatchet classics plus one previously unreleased track named 'Sacred Ground.' The booklet contains new photos and new liner notes by Bobby Ingram and this double CD is fan-priced as a single disc.

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"Dreams I'll Never See"


  2. 1. Son Of The South
  3. 2. Heart Of The USA
  4. 3. Tatanka
  5. 4. Fall Of The Peacemakers
  6. 5. American Pride
  7. 6. Devil's Canyon
  8. 7. World Of Trouble
  9. 8. Down From The Mountain
  10. 9. Gonna Live 'Til I Die
  11. 10. Safe In My Skin
  12. 11. Rainbow Bridge
  13. 12. Cornbread Mafia
  14. 13. Mississipi Moon Dog
  15. 14. The Journey

  17. 1. Bounty Hunter
  18. 2. Gator County
  19. 3. Edge Of Sundown
  20. 4. Whiskey Man?
  21. 5. Beatin The Odds
  22. 6. Dreams I'll Never See
  23. 7. The Creeper
  24. 8. Flirtin With Disaster
  25. 9. Sacred Ground (Previously Unreleased)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 06
    Lincoln, NE, US Molly Hatchet at Royal Grove
  • Mar 14
    Versailles, OH, US Molly Hatchet at BMI Event Center & Speedway
  • Mar 21
    Wisconsin Dells, WI, US Molly Hatchet and Saving Abel with Michael Alexander at Crystal Grand Music Theatre
  • Mar 22
    St Charles, IL, US Molly Hatchet at Arcada Theatre
  • Mar 27
    Las Vegas, NV, US Molly Hatchet at Showroom, Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
  • Apr 02
    Angola, IN, US Molly Hatchet at The Eclectic Room
  • Apr 04
    Woodstock, GA, US Molly Hatchet at MadLife Stage & Studios
  • Apr 26
    Stockton, CA, US ZZ Top with Molly Hatchet at Stockton Arena
  • Jul 25
    Lenox, MA, US Quiet Riot, Molly Hatchet, and Blackfoot at Eastover Resort
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