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Modern Life Is War
Fever Hunting

Modern Life Is War - Fever Hunting

Fever Hunting is Modern Life is War's triumphant 2013 return to form with original lineup of Chris Honeck, Matt Hoffman, Jeffrey Eaton, Tyler Oleson and John Eich in place.

A true story of their collective coming of age, Fever Hunting plays and reads as an open diary of their last five years. Exposing every frayed nerve and internal struggle that its creators carried deep within their hearts. Impassioned, embattled, and forever resilient to the world outside.

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"Fever Hunting"


  1. 1. Old Fears, New Frontiers
  2. 2. Health, Wealth, & Peace
  3. 3. Chasing My Tail
  4. 4. Media Cunt
  5. 5. Blind Are Breeding
  6. 6. Fever Hunting
  7. 7. Dark Water
  8. 8. Brothers In Arms Forever
  9. 9. Currency
  10. 10. Cracked Sidewalk Surfer
  11. 11. Find A Way