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Misery Index
Rituals Of Power

Misery Index - Rituals Of Power

Misery Index returns with the incendiary new full-length Rituals Of Power. The album sees the powerhouse quartet unleash a barrage of ferocious death metal as violent as it is savvy. Their vicious vocals spit venom, laying bare the ills of a dystopian society gone mad. As rampaging new tracks like the incredible "New Salem," the title track and "I Disavow" prove, Rituals Of Power is world-class modern extremity and Misery Index only grows more powerful with time.

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"New Salem"


  1. 1. Universal Untruths
  2. 2. Decline And Fall
  3. 3. The Choir Invisible
  4. 4. New Salem
  5. 5. Hammering The Nails
  6. 6. Rituals Of Power
  7. 7. They Always Come Back
  8. 8. I Disavow
  9. 9. Naysayer

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 19
    Kassel, Germany Misery Index at Goldgrube
  • Jun 17
    NĂ¡chod, Czech Republic CZECH DEATH FEST XII 2021
  • Jun 18
    Clisson, France Hellfest Open Air 2021
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