New Releases For May 11, 2010

Misery Index
Heirs to Thievery

Misery Index - Heirs to Thievery

The infamous Baltimore/DC grind axis unloads another salvo in the form of Heirs to Thievery, their long-awaited new album. A tremendous step-forward for the band on both the songwriting and production fronts, Heirs to Thievery propels the band to the forefront of the international death metal scene.

As 'The Carrion Call,' 'The Spectator,' 'Plague of Objects,' and the title track all underscore, Heirs to Thievery is the most ferocious and memorable Misery Index album to date.

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"Heirs To Thievery"


  1. 1. Embracing Extinction
  2. 2. Fed To The Wolves
  3. 3. The Carrion Call
  4. 4. Heirs To Thievery
  5. 5. The Spectator
  6. 6. The Iluminaught
  7. 7. The Seventh Cavalry
  8. 8. Plague Of Objects
  9. 9. You Lose
  10. 10. Sleeping Giants
  11. 11. Day of the Dead

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 19
    Kassel, Germany Misery Index at Goldgrube
  • Jun 17
    NĂ¡chod, Czech Republic CZECH DEATH FEST XII 2021
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