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Tragedy Has Spoken

Miseration - Tragedy Has Spoken

The theme of the third album of these Scandinavians can be described as sum of the major tragedies of mankind's history. Lyrics for Tragedy Has Spoken have been written by Pär Johansson (Satariel, Torchbearer, the Few Against Many) and band's singer Christian Älvestam and address the diversity of tragedies. Musically, Miseration expand their view on forward-thinking, vicious death metal by integrating new instruments to the mix. There still is to find what caused the quality and sustainability of Your Demons, Their Angels (2008) and The Mirroring Shadow (2009), but in 2012 there is more than technical, intricate death metal with a good dose of melody.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Stepping Stone Agenda"


  1. 1. Stepping Stone Agenda
  2. 2. Children Of The Flames
  3. 3. Ghost Barrier
  4. 4. Ciniphes
  5. 5. Hill Of The Poison Tree
  6. 6. Disaster Cage
  7. 7. On Wings Of Brimstone
  8. 8. White Light / Black Rain
  9. 9. Tomb Of Tephra
  10. 10. Waylayer