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Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert - Platinum

Platinum is not only a song on the album but it also represents a way of life for Miranda Lambert. 'Platinum is my hair color, and my wedding ring, and the color of my Airstream. It's about a lifestyle.'

Miranda described the album like a picture. 'All 16 songs together make up a picture, and without one of those songs, it just looks like abstract art,' she said. 'There's humor on this album, and nostalgia, and it's feminine. I'm more settled in life, embracing the good and the bad, and that's all reflected on Platinum. I still blaze around - but in a less chaotic way,' she laughed.

TAGS: Country

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  1. 1. Girls
  2. 2. Platinum
  3. 3. Little Red Wagon
  4. 4. Smokin' And Drinkin' (Featuring Little Big Town)
  5. 5. Priscilla
  6. 6. Automatic
  7. 7. Bathroom Sink
  8. 8. Old Sh!t
  9. 9. All That's Left (Featuring The Time Jumpers)
  10. 10. Gravity Is A B**ch
  11. 11. Babies Makin' Babies
  12. 12. Somethin' Bad (Duet With Carrie Underwood)
  13. 13. Holding On To You
  14. 14. Two Rings Shy
  15. 15. Hard Staying Sober
  16. 16. Another Sunday In The South

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 23
    Ottawa, ON, Canada Miranda Lambert with Cody Johnson and LANCO at Canadian Tire Centre
  • Mar 17
    Ridgefield, WA, US Miranda Lambert at Ilani Cowlitz Ballroom
  • Jul 30
    Guthrie Center, IA, US Guthrie's River Ruckus 2021
  • Aug 27
    Glenmoore, PA, US Citadel Country Spirit USA 2021
  • Nov 12
    Fort Lauderdale, FL, US Tortuga Music Festival 2021
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