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Minus the Bear
Infinity Overhead

Minus the Bear - Infinity Overhead

Minus the Bear's fifth studio full-length album, Infinity Overhead, is not only a return to form in direction, instrumentation and creation but also the band's most aggressive and confident. The veteran Seattle-based fivesome reunited with former member and longtime producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Cursive) to create a guitar-laden 10-track record that is heavy both on technicality and pop songcraft and showcases the band doing what they do best - interesting, guitar-based, big sounding rock.

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"Steel And Blood"


  1. 1. Steel And Blood
  2. 2. Lies And Eyes
  3. 3. Diamond Lightning
  4. 4. Toska
  5. 5. Listing
  6. 6. Heaven Is A Ghost Town
  7. 7. Empty Party Rooms
  8. 8. Zeros
  9. 9. Lonely Gun
  10. 10. Cold Company

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