New Releases For September 10, 2013

From Beer To Eternity

Ministry - From Beer To Eternity

'We were coming up with great ideas and experimenting with everything we've ever wanted to do, from Stones-y blues to dub and, of course, heavy guitar-based rock. It was too easy. No fighting, no problems. Nothing goes that well without the floor eventually falling out', Ministry mainman Al Jourgensen says.

'It was the most emotionally difficult project I've ever done, but it was the most rewarding,' Jourgensen continues. 'Mikey was amazed with the songs when he was working on them, and I know he's looking down at us now and he's totally stoked with what we came up with.'

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  1. 1. Hail To The Majesty (Peasants)
  2. 2. Punch In The Face
  3. 3. PermaWar
  4. 4. Perfect Storm
  5. 5. Fairly Unbalanced
  6. 6. The Horror
  7. 7. Side F/X Include Mikey's Middle Finger (TV 4)
  8. 8. Lesson Unlearned
  9. 9. Thanx But No Thanx
  10. 10. Change Of Luck
  11. 11. Enjoy The Quiet

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 20
    Clisson, France Knotfest France 2019
  • Jun 20
    Clisson, France Knotfest Meets Hellfest 2019
  • Jun 20
    Clisson, France Sabaton, Rob Zombie, Behemoth, and Ministry at Knotfest meets Hellfest
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