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Mindy Miller
Let It Burn

Mindy Miller - Let It Burn

Let It Burn is the breakout album from country entertainer, Mindy Miller. She was signed to Margdon Records, Nashville in early 2014. Mindy is a veteran singer and songwriter that took an extended hiatus from the music industry to care for her ill mother. Now, after the untimely loss of her mother, Mindy has come back full steam ahead and more inspired than ever. This is her third studio album release and the first in which a mainstream country single, titled 'Wrong', is being released. Mindy Miller has always been sophisticated in her delivery and this album adds a bit of sass to her message.

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  1. 1. Wrong
  2. 2. Coming Down On Me
  3. 3. Lie To Me
  4. 4. Let It Burn
  5. 5. Same Old Song And Dance
  6. 6. I Really Hate Loving You
  7. 7. Get Over It
  8. 8. White Circle
  9. 9. Love Is A Sweet Thing
  10. 10. Stay A Little Longer