New Releases For February 25, 2014

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon - Overstep

ATO Records is proud to release Mike Gordon's new solo album, Overstep. Gordon shared songwriting duties with guitarist and longtime collaborator Scott Murawski and handed over the producing reins for the first time in his solo career, enlisting Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, Uncle Tupelo, Pixies). He also invited a few new players into the studio, including legendary drummer Matt Chamberlain (Jon Brion, Fiona Apple).

TAGS: Jam Band

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"Yarmouth Road"


  1. 1. Ether
  2. 2. Tiny Little World
  3. 3. Jumping
  4. 4. Yarmouth Road
  5. 5. Say Something
  6. 6. Face
  7. 7. Paint
  8. 8. Different World
  9. 9. Peel
  10. 10. Long Black Line
  11. 11. Surface