New Releases For March 17, 2017

Mike Felten
Diamonds And Televisions

Mike Felten - Diamonds And Televisions

Somewhere tonight, Mike Felten is stepping up on another stage. He has been doing this for decades. The Illinois Entertainer tells us that he is the “real deal.” He tells us that the weathered Martin guitar in his hand is his shovel and that old Harmony Sovereign waiting for his slide is his plow. He is a workingman; a Johnny Lunchbucket. What he does isn’t really folk, it’s a bit of blues, a bit of rock, “outsider Americana.” All the influences forged in the tempest like an omelet at some ancient diner.

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"Old Dogs And Fools"


  1. 1. It All Ends Here
  2. 2. Bohunk’s Daughter
  3. 3. Seven Days A Week
  4. 4. Emma’s House
  5. 5. Gas Station Coffee
  6. 6. Old Dogs And Fools
  7. 7. Pa Kettle’s Bastard Son
  8. 8. Get Lost
  9. 9. Statue Of Liberty
  10. 10. Mike’s Last Will And Testament