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Mike Doughty
Stellar Motel

Mike Doughty - Stellar Motel

Legendary wordsmith Mike Doughty's Stellar Motel is out on his Snack Bar imprint and is Mike's first album of all-original tunes since 2011's acclaimed Yes and Also Yes.

Stellar Motel is led by the tranced-out, banjo-driven single 'Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating In The Future.'

Produced by DJ Good Goose, the album features a menagerie of guests, from the rappers Jay Boogs, HJA, Miss Eaves, and MC Frontalot, to drums and sax trio Moon Hooch, to long-time sideman Andrew 'Scrap' Livingston, to Japanese rap star Kim Uhnellys.


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"Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating In The Future"


  1. 1. Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating In The Future
  2. 2. When The Night Is Long
  3. 3. Oh My God Yeah Fuck It (Featuring Moon Hooch And Miss Eaves)
  4. 4. Raging On
  5. 5. Let Me Lie (Featuring Big Dipper)
  6. 6. These Are Your Friends
  7. 7. Let's Go To The Motherfucking Movies
  8. 8. The Champion (Featuring MC Frontalot & Laura Lee Bishop)
  9. 9. Pretty Wild (Featuring Ash Wednesday{!} Clara Bizna$${!} And Uncle Meg From H.J.A.)
  10. 10. When You Come Home
  11. 11. Somato - A Revolving Lantern
  12. 12. Change
  13. 13. To See The Sun Come Down (Featuring Jay Boogie And Andrew 'Scrap' Livingston)
  14. 14. The Brightness
  15. 15. In The Rising Sun (Featuring Laura Lee Bishop)
  16. 16. Better Days Come Around

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