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Miho Hazama
Journey To Journey

Miho Hazama - Journey To Journey

This album was recorded in New York, commemorating Miho's graduation from the master course at Manhattan School of Music. Except on one cover tune of Lady Gaga, all other songs are Miho's original compositions, and the album features her talent as a jazz composer. Leading her own 13-piece unit and having the guest participation of Steve Wilson and Stefon Harris, she expresses vivid and lively sound on Journey To Journey.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Mr. O"


  1. 1. Mr. O
  2. 2. Tokyo Confidential
  3. 3. Blue Forest
  4. 4. Journey To Journey
  5. 5. Paparazzi
  6. 6. Believing In Myself
  7. 7. Ballad
  8. 8. What Will You See When You Turn The Next Corner?
  9. 9. Hidamari