New Releases For June 12, 2012

Mighty Mo Rodgers
Cadillac Jack

Mighty Mo Rodgers - Cadillac Jack

The lively soul-stirrers pay tribute to the blues, cars, blues, love, and women... what more is there? Well, a couple songs ('Tell Me Why' and 'The Freddy Fender Song') recognize the contributions of the band's musical influences from Chuck Berry to Roy Orbison, John Lee Hooker to B.B. King. Just try to keep a straight face when Mighty Mo, on his rock and roll mission with a petition, asks 'You graduate from a high school with numbers? You know that's sure 'nough a bummer. Why, there's no Jerry Lee Lewis High?' I suspect that kids would be lining up for miles to get into that school.

TAGS: Americana | Blues

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"Black Coffee And Cigarettes"


  1. 1. Cadillac Jack Says 'Bring The Fishtail Back'
  2. 2. Black Coffee And Cigarettes
  3. 3. Boogie To My Baby
  4. 4. Cadillac Ranch (American Stonehenge)
  5. 5. Motor City Blues
  6. 6. See America First
  7. 7. Tell Me Why
  8. 8. The Freddy Fender Song
  9. 9. God In My Car
  10. 10. Hitchhiker's Blues
  11. 11. My Blues, My Car And My Woman
  12. 12. West Coast Blues
  13. 13. Slow Dance With Me
  14. 14. Lights Of America
  15. 15. Untitled