New Releases For November 5, 2013


Midlake - Antiphon

Midlake return with their new studio album Antiphon. An antiphon is a call-and-response style of singing, from Gregorian chants to sea shanties. In the case of Denton, Texas' favorite sons Midlake, it's the perfect title for a bold response to a new phase in the band's illustrious career, with a re-jigged line-up and a newly honed sound as rich and symphonic as it is dynamic and kaleidoscopic.

Recorded at their Denton studio, the self-produced Antiphon came together in six months and was mixed by Tony Hoffer (Belle and Sebastian, M83, Beck).

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  1. 1. Antiphon
  2. 2. Provider
  3. 3. The Old And The Young
  4. 4. It's Going Down
  5. 5. Vale
  6. 6. Aurora Gone
  7. 7. Ages
  8. 8. This Weight
  9. 9. Corruption
  10. 10. Provider Reprise

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