New Releases For May 13, 2016

Michelle Willis
See Us Through

Michelle Willis - See Us Through

See Us Through is the stunning new album by Canadian singer-songwriter, Michelle Willis. It’s a collection of poignant and intimate songs that together create an astonishing work. See Us Through is an album of surprises, with many tracks moving from soft harmonizing to grand, choir-like build-ups. At the center is Willis and her stop-you-in-your-tracks voice, made more powerful thanks to her thoughtful, introspective lyrics.

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"It'll Rain Today"


  1. 1. Home
  2. 2. It'll Rain Today
  3. 3. Battlefield (A Letter To You)
  4. 4. See Us Through
  5. 5. Persimmon
  6. 6. Trust Me
  7. 7. Waking Morning
  8. 8. Solitude