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Michael Monroe
Horns And Halos

Michael Monroe - Horns And Halos

Horns And Halos is vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, u*umlat*er-energetic frontman and all-round rock 'n' roll legend Michael Monroe's new studio outing. The arresting cover art is based on an idea from Swedish guitar star Dregen (Backyard Babies), who performs in Michael's current touring and recording lineup.

'I love logotypes that are a little secret,' says Dregen. 'You know, the ones that are more like signs and symbols - Van Halen, Crass, Him's Heartagram, etc. That was the starting point.'

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"Ballad Of The Lower East Side"


  1. 1. TNT Diet
  2. 2. Ballad Of The Lower East Side
  3. 3. Eighteen Angels
  4. 4. Saturday Night Special
  5. 5. Stained Glass Heart
  6. 6. Horns And Halos
  7. 7. Child Of The Revolution
  8. 8. Soul Surrender
  9. 9. Half The Way
  10. 10. Ritual
  11. 11. Hands Are Tied

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 29
    Sheffield, UK HRH Sleaze 2020
  • Sep 18
    Lincoln, UK Call of the Wild Festival 2020
  • Feb 08
    Port Everglades, FL, US Monsters of Rock Cruise 2021
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