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The Awful Truth

Meridian - The Awful Truth

Evolving since the Spring of 2012, alternative-hardcore band, Meridian, started with the mindset to breathe life into a dying scene. After self-releasing their Reformation EP in 2013 they developed a loyal following and within a year had completed several tours across the East Coast.

It became clear that the band's hard-hitting, emotional lyricism resonated with fans and they were ready to take things to the next level. Now with the indelible support of Victory Records, the future is shining bright for this young band who are eager to tour relentlessly in support of their full length debut, The Awful Truth.

TAGS: Hardcore | Punk

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"Everything That Kept Me Moving"


  1. 1. Gloom
  2. 2. Everything That Kept Me Moving
  3. 3. Slip Away
  4. 4. Waves
  5. 5. Slither
  6. 6. Clarity
  7. 7. Piece Of Mind
  8. 8. Set Free
  9. 9. Wait For Me
  10. 10. Making My Way
  11. 11. Malady
  12. 12. Borrowed Time