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Melissa Ferrick
Still Right Here

Melissa Ferrick - Still Right Here

Melissa Ferrick's first studio album in 5 years, produced with Alex Wong, features guests Ani DiFranco & Kaki King.

Still Right Here is folk-rock powerhouse Melissa Ferrick's 1st studio album in 5 years, combining the lyrical sophistication of Aimee Mann with the driving acoustic guitar of Dave Matthews. Featuring performances by Ani DiFranco & Kaki King, the album perfectly showcases Ferrick's finely-honed chops as a singer & guitarist, while highlighting her prowess on piano & drums. Co-produced by Ferrick with Brooklyn indie darling Alex Wong (the Paper Raincoat, Vienna Teng), it's a rich, emotionally intense album that will appeal to fans of Tegan & Sara, Ben Harper, She & Him, Jakob Dylan & David Gray.

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"Still Right Here"


  1. 1. Still Right Here
  2. 2. Headphones On
  3. 3. You Let Me Be
  4. 4. Seconds Like These
  5. 5. One Of A Kind
  6. 6. Checking In
  7. 7. Singing With The Wind
  8. 8. I Will Back You Up
  9. 9. Weightless And Slow
  10. 10. This Time Of Year

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