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MC Yogi

MC Yogi - Pilgrimage

You may have heard MC Yogi's debut, Elephant Power, a certified phenom that still hovers near the top of the world music charts. The album's extraordinary success earned Yogi invitations to play in clubs and festivals all over the world.

But now the time has come for the next phase, and Pilgrimage is definitely it. The album's influences are all over the musical map: world beat, hip-hop, Bollywood, reggae, dancehall, house, dub. 'Pilgrimage is a full, authentic, cosmic yogic experience on the dance floor,' exclaims Yogi. The truth is, you've never heard anything like Pilgrimage. You've never heard anyone like MC Yogi.

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"Give Love"


  1. 1. Vanakam
  2. 2. Ganesha (Sound The Horn)
  3. 3. Born To Fly
  4. 4. Temple Drums
  5. 5. Hanuman
  6. 6. Jai Sita Ram
  7. 7. Breath Control
  8. 8. Arunachala
  9. 9. Shiva (Supreme Soul)
  10. 10. Renegade Rickshaw
  11. 11. I Am That
  12. 12. Temple Light
  13. 13. Sacred Fire
  14. 14. Shedding Skin (Beloved Friend)
  15. 15. Pranam
  16. 16. Sun Light
  17. 17. Pilgrimage
  18. 18. Vanakam (Reprise)
  19. 19. Give Love