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Maya Azucena
Cry Love

Maya Azucena - Cry Love

Striking, bold, organic, and beautiful. Those words describe Maya Azucena's voice, her music, and her message. Cry Love is the artistic statement that she was born to make. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter's impressive versatility unfolds over eleven extraordinary tracks. Executive-produced with Christian Ver Halen, Cry Love represents a powerful journey that distills the universal themes of love, survival, and hope into 48 unforgettable minutes.

An anthem for justice, the title track is steeped in Maya's concern for humankind and constitutes the album's core concept. Her desire to inspire and embolden listeners saturates both the edgy groove of 'Warriors' and the sanguine sway of 'Near.' She invites reggae legend iNi Kamoze aboard for the song 'My Back's Not Up Against the Wall,' while the glistening, acoustic qualities of 'Belong to the Sun' furnish another standout cut. The songs are all unified by a remarkable depth and stunning musicality.

TAGS: Neo Soul | R&B | Soul

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"Cry Love"


  1. 1. Cry Love
  2. 2. Shine
  3. 3. Near
  4. 4. Changed My Mind
  5. 5. The Half
  6. 6. Belong To The Sun
  7. 7. My Back's Not Up Against The Wall (Featuring iNi Kamoze)
  8. 8. Run Into The Light
  9. 9. Warriors
  10. 10. Live On
  11. 11. Little Ghetto Boy (Featuring Chris Rob)