New Releases For February 17, 2015

Matt Panayides

Matt Panayides - Conduits

Conduits is guitarist Matt Panayides' second creation as leader featuring his compositions. Filled with freedom and spontaneity - the here and now is found within deep musical structures. The natural world is a theme that runs through these compositions, reflecting the underlying order that can be found in complex natural objects while at other times obscuring it. Funded by Kickstarter.

TAGS: Jazz

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  1. 1. Notes From The Anechoic Chamber
  2. 2. The Past Is Obdurate
  3. 3. Heny’s Tune
  4. 4. Awaken
  5. 5. Shades Of Green
  6. 6. Gravity And Walt
  7. 7. Watcher
  8. 8. Of The Winter Light