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Matt Nathanson
Show Me Your Fangs

Matt Nathanson - Show Me Your Fangs

Matt Nathanson’s new album Show Me Your Fangs – his tenth studio recording – delves deeper and further into the complexities and observations of everyday life than any of his previous albums. Songs such as “Giants,” “Bill Murray,” “Adrenaline,” “Washington State Fight Song,” and the title track tell vivid stories touching on the overall theme of self-identity and how we choose to reveal ourselves.

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  1. 1. Giants
  2. 2. Adrenaline
  3. 3. Gold In The Summertime
  4. 4. Bill Murray
  5. 5. Shouting
  6. 6. Show Me Your Fangs
  7. 7. Disappear
  8. 8. Washington State Fight Song
  9. 9. Playlists And Apologies
  10. 10. Headphones

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