New Releases For June 21, 2011

Matt Nathanson
Modern Love

Matt Nathanson - Modern Love

Matt Nathanson's Modern Love is a collection of pop and rock songs that are more joyful, complex and bold than any of Matt Nathanson's previous works, Modern Love is poised to become the album of the summer.

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  1. 1. Faster
  2. 2. Modern Love
  3. 3. Love Comes Tumbling Down
  4. 4. Room @ The End Of The World
  5. 5. Kiss Quick
  6. 6. Mercy
  7. 7. Kept
  8. 8. Run
  9. 9. Queen Of (K)Nots
  10. 10. Drop To Hold You
  11. 11. Bottom Of The Sea

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Dec 07
    Toronto, ON, Canada Donovan Woods with Hannah Georgas, Matt Nathanson, and Henry Jamison at Koerner Hall, TELUS Centre, Royal Conservatory
  • Feb 14
    Miami, FL, US Sail Across the Sun 2020
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