New Releases For September 13, 2011

Mason Jennings

Mason Jennings - Minnesota

Minnesota is Jennings' ninth album and his most eclectic and possibly most introspective to date. The album is a diverse collage of sounds and poignant lyrics that take the listener on a personal journey with the acclaimed singer/songwriter. Mason played almost all of the instruments on the album, the one exception being 'Well Of Love,' a Perez Prado-esque number that features his friends in the Living Room, the side project of Jack Johnson drummer / percussionist Adam Topol. Friend Jason Schwartzman adds additional piano and background vocals on 'Raindrops.'

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"Raindrops On The Kitchen Floor"


  1. 1. Bitter Heart
  2. 2. Raindrops On The Kitchen Floor
  3. 3. Hearts Stop Beating
  4. 4. Clutch
  5. 5. Witches Dream
  6. 6. Rudy
  7. 7. Wake Up
  8. 8. Well Of Love
  9. 9. No Relief

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