New Releases For March 25, 2014

Door To Texas

Mashville - Door To Texas

Mashville is an Americana band based in South East England. Influenced by a wide spectrum from Johnny Cash to Wilco the band carves out a slightly more unique sound than usually found on the UK live music circuit.

In a land where country is widely misunderstood and Americana can be confused with coffee (!), Mashville's debut album Door to Texas is made up of 10 original tracks - all diverse but all in the distinctive laid back Mashville sound. The material ranges from shades of alt-country to moody atmospheric anthems and even a hint of funk. Engineered & recorded by Pat Collier.

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"Fool's Gold"


  1. 1. Door To Texas
  2. 2. Close To Me
  3. 3. St Valery
  4. 4. School Of Hard Knocks
  5. 5. Fool's Gold
  6. 6. Legacy
  7. 7. Girl At The Window
  8. 8. Senorita Moment
  9. 9. Through The Centuries
  10. 10. Bullrush