New Releases For October 30, 2015

Martin Courtney
Many Moons

Martin Courtney - Many Moons

Many Moons is the solo debut from Martin Courtney, the main songwriter of Real Estate. After the 2014 release of their third album, Atlas, Courtney started writing some songs while waiting to head out on tour. He's created an album of soft psychedelia that sonically recalls the Kinks and Big Star and that lyrically reveals his life as a family man, father, and touring musician. Many Moons is breezy and full of subtle introspection. It's an elliptical document of Courtney’s transition into family life and fatherhood written through the filter of being away from his loved ones and home.

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"Northern Highway"


  1. 1. Awake
  2. 2. Foto
  3. 3. Vestiges
  4. 4. Before We Begin
  5. 5. Northern Highway
  6. 6. Many Moons
  7. 7. Asleep
  8. 8. Little Blue
  9. 9. Focus
  10. 10. Airport Bar