New Releases For August 11, 2017

Mark Bryan
Songs Of The Fortnight

Mark Bryan - Songs Of The Fortnight

As the guitarist for the two-time Grammy winning, nearly 20-million album selling band Hootie And The Blowfish, Bryan’s guitar playing was ubiquitous in 1995, contributing to the biggest album sales of any release that year, and leading to what is now ranked as one of the biggest selling albums in music history. Songs Of The Fortnight features ten Bryan originals, and an opening cut that is another nod to Bryan’s ease at throwing the spotlight; a barn-burning cover of Scruffy The Cat’s college radio favorite “Mybabyshe’sallright” (featuring frequent R.E.M. collaborator Peter Holsapple on harmonica).

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"Forgetting About Me"


  1. 1. MyBabyShe’sAllRight
  2. 2. If You Saw Her
  3. 3. Almost Loved Me
  4. 4. A Little Bit Of Everything
  5. 5. The Great Beyond
  6. 6. Forgetting About Me
  7. 7. Whole Lotta Lovin’
  8. 8. Sweet Love
  9. 9. Only Love Can Satisfy
  10. 10. A Song For Maryland
  11. 11. Maybe Then