New Releases For March 19, 2013

Marc Carroll
Stone Beads And Silver

Marc Carroll - Stone Beads And Silver

Marc Carroll's first album proper for One Little Indian Stone Beads And Silver is out now on CD, limited edition vinyl and download.

Marc Carroll weaves together folk and country influences on Stone Beads And Silver, an album that evokes the space and distance of the deserts and coasts of California.

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"The Fool Disguised In Beggars Clothes"


  1. 1. Muskingum River
  2. 2. The Fool Disguised In Beggars Clothes
  3. 3. Nobody, No Nothin
  4. 4. They'll Never Find Us Here
  5. 5. If Only To Remind Her
  6. 6. (It Was) Lust Not Love
  7. 7. The Silence I Command
  8. 8. Sat Neath Her Window
  9. 9. You Can Never Go Home
  10. 10. Delicate Grace