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Marc Antoine
Guitar Destiny

Marc Antoine - Guitar Destiny

Guitarist Marc Antoine returns to true form with Guitar Destiny, an instrumental journey illustrating Marc's pursuit of his long and illustrious career. The album's ten all-new tracks have a strong connection to Marc. He recalls always stopping to watch the trains go in and out of the station, when crossing an old bridge that was close to his old home when he was growing up in Paris. Little did he know those train tracks would take him around the world in pursuit of an international and successful career. Marc's magic touch ties it all up in this wonderful voyage through places and musical genres.

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"Montuno Bay"


  1. 1. Like It Once Was
  2. 2. Lutece Tango
  3. 3. Montuno Bay
  4. 4. Algeria
  5. 5. Red Sky
  6. 6. Medianoche
  7. 7. Mi Pueblo
  8. 8. Circus Afternoon
  9. 9. Jazz It Up!
  10. 10. Ojos De Caramelo

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