New Releases For August 23, 2011

Another Day Another Life

MAOR - Another Day Another Life

2011 has been a momentous year for international singer-songwriter and music producer MAOR.

Earlier this year, MAOR released his hugely successful single 'Victory - No More Rain' which was followed by his current track 'Amazing.' He collaborated with rapper artist T.R.I.G.G.A on 'Victory - No More Rain' along with other tracks to be released soon.

Another Day Another Life includes 13 hot tracks which were all written by MAOR, and was a labor of love that features very noteworthy producers and engineers. This savvy recording artist and two-time finalist at the USA Songwriter's Competition (for 'Jump' and 'Kmo Shir Chadash') was signed to 27 Records in 2009 and now brings many elements of 80's and jazz, with a fusion of electronic pop/Euro onto the music scene.

TAGS: Club/Dance

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  1. 1. Victory (No More Rain)
  2. 2. Amazing
  3. 3. Crazy (Maybe)
  4. 4. Mad World
  5. 5. Another Day Another Life
  6. 6. Feel The Music
  7. 7. Kmo Shir Chadash
  8. 8. Get Yourself In Tune
  9. 9. Victory (No More Rain) 80's Remix
  10. 10. Victory (No More Rain) Dub Remix
  11. 11. Victory (No More Rain) Inner Smile Extended Remix [Bonus Track]
  12. 12. Victory (No More Rain) MAOR Remix [Bonus Track]
  13. 13. Amazing (Romullo Azaro & Zoom Boxx Radio Mix) [Bonus Track]

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