New Releases For June 11, 2013

Mandee Marie
Intertwine (EP)

Mandee Marie - Intertwine (EP)

Mandee Marie is quickly becoming one of the most recognized up-and-coming singer- songwriters. Started at the age of 11, Mandee Marie started her career through learning to play the guitar.

From there, her passion for music instantly allowed her to adopt a singing style that captivated the ears of many. Whilst singing for family and friends in and around the home, she quickly began to understand that her voice was actually something quite out of the ordinary. As her passion for music evolved, she also begun writing her own lyrics and singing them.

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  1. 1. Sound Of Silence (Cover)
  2. 2. Divine
  3. 3. I Dont Mind
  4. 4. Exhausted
  5. 5. Fallen
  6. 6. Intertwine