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Manchester Orchestra
A Black Mile To The Surface

Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile To The Surface

A Black Mile To The Surface is a bold record of vision and purpose, inspired by and dwelling in a sensory and imaginative experience. It’s a reinvention of sorts, both musically and personally - a sort of cosmic worldview shift. But in the end, the record’s themes are universal. Inspired by their experience creating the score for the film Swiss Army Man (a Sundance hit - New York Times-lauded “marvelously melancholic music”), they seized the chance to rethink Manchester Orchestra’s typical methods of working.

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"The Alien"


  1. 1. The Maze
  2. 2. The Gold
  3. 3. The Moth
  4. 4. Lead, SD
  5. 5. The Alien
  6. 6. The Sunshine
  7. 7. The Grocery
  8. 8. The Wolf
  9. 9. The Mistake
  10. 10. The Parts
  11. 11. The Silence

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