New Releases For December 7, 2010

Man Ray
Tokyo Joe

Man Ray - Tokyo Joe

Joy Division & New Order bassist Peter Hook and Freebass keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Phil Murphy blend Hooky's trademark high range bass sound and his old school punk-inflected chant with Murphy's classic synths, guitars and drum machines to create an instant indie dance floor classic.

Originally produced as the theme music and soundtrack to The Factory 251, a night club established by Hook in the legendary Factory Records offices, the track has been extended, remixed & reworked for this EP.

For fans of: New Order, Joy Division, Freebass, Factory Records, Manchester & The Ha├žienda night club.

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"Tokyo Joe (Radio Edit)"


  1. 1. Tokyo Joe (Radio Edit)
  2. 2. Tokyo Joe (Phil De Gap remix)
  3. 3. Tokyo Joe (Si Brad remix)
  4. 4. Tokyo Joe - Man Ray vs. Si Brad (Phil de Gap remix)
  5. 5. Tokyo Joe Reprise