New Releases For March 8, 2011

(e)vening (CD/DVD)

Mae - (e)vening (CD/DVD)

(e)vening is the third and final installment in Mae's final trilogy of releases following (m)orning and (a)fternoon. The music on (e)vening, marks the first collaboration by the five original members of Mae in over 3 years (on the song 'Bloom'). While the release showcases a band at its creative apex, it is sadly also the bittersweet end of the band. The (e)vening CD/DVD is Mae's farewell and contains nearly forty minutes of music and a bonus DVD featuring the band's final hometown show filmed at The Norva in Norfolk, Virginia on November 27, 2010.

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  1. 1. A Quiet (e)vening
  2. 2. Bloom
  3. 3. I Just Needed You To Know
  4. 4. My Favorite Dream
  5. 5. Seasons i. Departure
  6. 6. Seasons ii. Initiation
  7. 7. Seasons iii. Return
  8. 8. Sleep Well
  9. 9. Good (e)vening