New Releases For June 16, 2017

Luis Oliart
Love Remains The Same

Luis Oliart - Love Remains The Same

Love Remains The Same is Luis Oliart’s highly anticipated follow up to 2013’s Just Another Day. This collection of soulful and blues inspired music showcases Oliart’s astute songwriting, rockin' guitar playing, and bluesy vocal talents. Recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles, CA, his sound is rooted in blues tradition, with a little Spanish flavor thrown in as a nod to his Southern California upbringing.

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"Lord Make My"


  1. 1. Find Me Religion
  2. 2. Love Remains The Same
  3. 3. Don't Think I Want To Dance
  4. 4. French Soul
  5. 5. I've Been Away
  6. 6. Train
  7. 7. Can't Find Her Way
  8. 8. Esta Vez
  9. 9. Jah Jah
  10. 10. Swing Thing
  11. 11. Lord Make My
  12. 12. Little Jay's Struggle

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