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Luciana Souza
Duos III

Luciana Souza - Duos III

Luciana Souza is the natural heir to the Brazilian jazz tradition. The native Brazilian has been at the forefront of jazz vocal scene for many years and her knowledge of the Brazilian bossa nova and samba hark back to her father's record label that he ran during her youth. Duos III marks the return of Souza to the Sunnyside label where she began her career with a pair of wonderful albums called Brazilian Duos and Brazilian Duos II. On these Duos recordings, Souza strips these gems of the Brazilian canon to their most bare and expressive essentials.

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"Pedra Da Lua"


  1. 1. Tim Tim Por Tim Tim
  2. 2. Doralice
  3. 3. Chora Coração
  4. 4. Pedra Da Lua
  5. 5. Dona Lu
  6. 6. Mágoas De Caboclo
  7. 7. Eu Vim Da Bahia
  8. 8. As Rosas Não Falam
  9. 9. Medley: Lamento Sertanejo (Forró do Dominguinhos) / Maçã do Rosto
  10. 10. Inútil Paisagem
  11. 11. Dindi
  12. 12. Beijo Partido

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