New Releases For September 3, 2013

Lower Left
Just Sayin'

Lower Left - Just Sayin'

Just Sayin' by Lower Left (Barry Farrar drums, Mikan Zlatkovich piano, Bill Andrews bass) is the first CD release by this amazing trio of musicians from San Diego, California.

Interpreting jazz standards in their own unique style is at the heart of this collection that also features one original composition, 'This Is For Horace,' which is a tour de force written by pianist Mikan Zlatkovich. The interplay between the musicians, the range of dynamics from a whisper to torrents of sound, and the mastery by which Lower Left performs this music is astounding.

The buzz on this band has already garnered them rave reviews from coast to coast. If you love jazz, you'll love Lower Left.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Green Chimneys"


  1. 1. Green Chimneys
  2. 2. This Is For Horace
  3. 3. Wave
  4. 4. Nostalgia In Times Square
  5. 5. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
  6. 6. Summer Night
  7. 7. Think Of One
  8. 8. Chelsea Bridge
  9. 9. Desafinado